Statement tapware trend brings artistic vibe to the hub of the home

Bold tapware has become the new artwork for kitchen spaces, as thoughtful design and modern living continue to reshape the traditional role of the kitchen as the new place to eat, entertain and relax.

This evolution has seen stylish homeowners, interior designers and architects seeking to infuse their creative kitchen space with expressive and visual tapware, with black emerging as a progressively popular preference.

Marylou Paino, trend forecaster and interior designer at CM Design, explains “Dorf’s Inca Sink Mixer is the new kitchen conversation starter. Over the past few years in particular, we’ve seen an increasing demand for functional yet artistic tapware, which fits this profile or idea of the kitchen as the new living space.”

“The trend has seen this distinctive intersection of art and technology – such a productive and energetic area of the home commands high-use features, like tapware, to complement the overall design vision, while delivering premier performance and resilience.”

We have started to see a rethink of the more structural design style, which has dominated the field for the past several years.

“Inca’s contrast between the curved neck and the straight lever will be another big trend in 2016, blending the popular textural, organic aesthetic with the sleek, minimalist look to achieve something more fluid,” said Marylou.

Dorf’s Inca Sink Mixer introduces clever, convenient in-built features which include a swivel joint, anti-coil hose to ensure easy rotation and a sliding control to move through spray options, including a soft, rinse spray for enhanced food preparation. Combined with a European Ultraflex PEX hose and a 4 WELS star rating, the mixer is a beautiful blend of innovative, functional features, smooth lines and sharp design.

To demonstrate the confidence we have in the quality craftsmanship of all Dorf tapware, our residential warranty has been increased to an industry leading 20 years. Full warranty terms can be viewed on our website.

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