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The greatest influence on my creative thinking is the celebration of diversity and linking through differences.
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Dr Phillippa Carnemolla is an Australian Industrial designer who develops innovative and accessible built environments. She expresses her distillation of natural geometries through sculpture, jewellery and accessible arts.

Sharing with Dorf her core design values with the use of materials, colour and simplicity - the collaboration was a perfect fit.

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...creating a piece that will endure and be valued over time

The Epic Bloc range captivated Phillippa's interest.

"I was drawn to the simple and enduring style of the Epic Bloc tapware, it uses architectural lines and I loved the designer look and luxe metallic finish which contrasted with the bold black."

"In my own jewellery work, creating a piece that will endure and be valued over time is important. How a piece feels, its weight, its boldness and internal storytelling are what makes my use of metals and materials important."

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