What your tapware says about you

We think of tapware as the jewellery of your bathroom because it says a lot about your unique style, personality and creativity. Your tapware, worn close to the “body” of your bathroom, should offer a particular look or experience.

Whether your style is more traditional, modern and minimalist, natural and organic, statement, vintage or romantic, dressing your bathroom with suitable tapware will illuminate your wonderfully unique personal style. 

Traditional bathrooms involve clean lines and simple elegance. To achieve that timeless aesthetic, opt for chrome three-piece tapware such as Dorf Myriad Cross or Maxum to match cabinet handles, mirrors and towel racks. Of course, traditional doesn’t have to mean boring - include a freestanding bath or a decorative lamp to further complement your dynamic and well-thought out ensemble.

At the other end of the spectrum, you may be partial to the deliberation of contemporary minimalism, characterised by its sharp, geometric lines and adherence to modern architectural design values. A sleek basin mixer such as Dorf Epic or Enigma, which works thematically across your bathroom fixtures and accessories, will facilitate a highly functional space where less is definitely more. Add a beautiful white orchid plant or a touch of timber to complete this stylish look. 

To bring that luxurious resort or day spa feel to your home, focus on smooth curves and warm tones to create an organic, natural space. Opting for a smooth, chrome basin mixer with soft curvature and round edges such as Dorf Napoleon or Hugo will facilitate a calm and tranquil ambiance where you can relax and revitalise. Or you could even introduce an open spout mixer for a cascading waterfall effect, as delivered by Dorf Epic Cascade.

If you like to sport fun, outgoing statement jewellery, coloured tapware will add the perfect pop of colour to your bathroom. Appeal to your inner interior designer by incorporating enamel handles with bold colours such as the fire engine red of Dorf Industrie. Pair with other quirky or eclectic pieces to ensure your bathroom ensemble is one of a kind and reflects your personality.

For lovers of period drama and historical fiction, heritage-inspired tapware with gold or chrome trims such as Dorf Manor house or El Toro will put the finishing touches on a romantic, vintage or Victorian-styled space. Combine with light hues, textures and a decorative lamp or mirror to bring a unique charm to your bathroom.

Whatever your style, choosing the right tapware will not only provide a cost-effective solution to revamping a tired-looking bathroom and add value to your home, but will also provide reference of good taste.