Our Story


    Living Better, Since 1948

    Almost 70 years ago, Keith Hooper, a former toolmaker, opened a humble tap manufacturing business in the stables of a dairy in Malvern, a Melbourne suburb.

    Needing a short, sharp company name, and being an ardent admirer of Henry Ford as a dynamic go-getter, he reversed the D and F in Ford and ‘Dorf’ was born.


    An Early Trendsetter

    Keeping abreast of emerging technologies and design trends has always underpinned Dorf’s success. In the 1960s, major technological advancements saw the introduction of coatings for finished tapware, particularly powder coatings. This shifted tapware from its role as a purely practical commodity into a style statement. Chrome-plated ‘statement’ taps with coloured plastic handles, such as the Dorf Booster, dominated the market.


    A boost of colour

    'Natural' colours such as avocado, peppermint, orange and lemon coloured versions followed as the standout style feature of the 70s. At the same time, El Toro’s cross handle design was released, along with the lever handle design. It gained instant popularity and remains so today.

    see the el toro collection

    A Softer Shift

    In the 1980s, pastel coloured taps such as grey and apricot came to the fore. The release of the Manor House tapware range followed and has been adapted and upgraded ever since, remaining popular to this day

    see the manor house collection

    The Flickmixer Phenomenon

    In 1985, Dorf introduced Australia’s first single lever mixer. Flickmixer provided a striking alternative to the traditional 3-piece format, sparking a revolution in tapware for Australia’s kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. A star was born.

    Thirty years later, the name ‘Flickmixer’ is synonymous with mixer taps; so much so that the Flickmixer name is regularly used to refer to any mixer tap.

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    Style Meets Function

    By the 1990s, durable metallic finishes such as chrome appeared, as well as advancements in tapware valve mechanisms and ceramic disc technology.


    It's all about chrome

    By the 2000’s, chrome-plated tapware had overtaken the coloured versions. Meanwhile, 3-piece tapware was replaced by the rise of the mixer tap, a trend originated by Dorf’s Flickmixer. Dorf’s new water saving taps, mixers and showers also gained dominance in the market.

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    That's Epic

    Dorf's Epic Collection that was 100% designed and engineered in Australia received Good Design® Selection for the prestigious Good Design Awards

    The Good Design Selection recognises the Dorf Epic Range’s functionality, quality of manufacturing, aesthetics, environmental sustainability and its consideration of human factors such as ergonomics, semantics and safety.

    see the epic collection

    The Success Story Continues

    Today, the Dorf name is synonymous with bathroom and kitchen fittings that offer the very best of function, style and reliability. With a focus on rigorous testing and refinement, Dorf has established several industry design trends and product innovations, many of which have become household names.

    From humble beginnings and rudimentary manufacturing processes, Dorf is today, an ever-present feature in bathrooms and kitchens around the country – an achievement that we intend to continue. Because at Dorf, it’s always about how we can live better.