Out with the old and in with the latest take on traditional tapware design

Design leaders and stylish homeowners are saying goodbye to the out-dated basics in bathroom fixtures, blending warm yet distinctive geometrics to create a relaxing and enlivening space.

This shift away from the solid shapes of traditional style towards clean lines and contemporary craftsmanship has inspired the “new classic” – customary design with a modern twist.   

David Giorgio, Design Team Manager at GWA Bathrooms and Kitchens, explains “Tapware is experiencing something of a renaissance through these transitional styles. Dorf’s new basin mixers, for example, were designed specifically with this concept in mind – appreciating yet refreshing the old to achieve a new sense of fluidity.

“Dorf’s Napoleon and Villa in particular are two distinctly different interpretations of the classic bathroom basin mixer. Napoleon’s signature curves and elegant silhouette deliver a new sense of character to the bathroom space, while Villa’s clean and upswept angles are softened by its flattened, rounded lines” said David.

In line with this transitional style trend, user-friendly fixtures are at the forefront of bathroom design trends and demands, with ease of use and accessibility taking the top spot.

David explains “the Dorf Enigma is a minimalist combination of functional  geometry with  robust quality, which makes it effortlessly intuitive and perfectly suited to the rigors of family life.

“More than ever, people are also seeing the role of the bathroom as a highly functioning sanctuary. Tapware should facilitate in bringing a spa-like feel to the overall space, focusing on organic forms and natural warmth.  

“Dorf’s Hugo exudes a sense of wellbeing with its careful ergonomic styling and smooth, balanced curves” he concluded.

Dorf’s Napoleon, Villa, Enigma and Hugo achieve a WELS 5 star rating and feature a silicone aerator for easy cleaning. Combined with European Ultraflex PEX hoses for superior durability and flexibility, the mixers are a perfectly balanced team of clean lines and thoughtful design. 

To demonstrate the confidence we have in the quality craftsmanship of all Dorf tapware, our residential warranty has been increased to an industry leading 20 years. Full warranty terms can be viewed on our website.

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